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Key MAD'S offers a comprehensive search for internships, accommodation and administration management for all students or people wishing to have their first professional experience. In Key MAD'S we want to be the key in helping you to achieve your dreams, without major concerns about what really matters to you: to shape your future.

Internship Offers

Did you know that you're one step closer to your first work experience? In just one single click you will find what you are looking for. The first step towards a great professional career.


DMC Services

We know that the paperwork is somewhat cumbersome and much more so when you are not in your home country, or usual place of residence. Therefore, we will take charge of all this work, whether it is with the university, the company where you are doing the internship, the social security, house rental or banking, you will be kept informed at all times of the steps we are taking. We will be your personal managers. Can you find a more comprehensive service than the one we are offering?